SongWorks Certification Teaching Practicum – Registration Open!

by Betty Phillips

August 2021

Dear SongWorks Community,

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for SongWorks Certification Level 3: SongWorks Teaching Practicum!

What does this course entail? Students will be paired with two faculty mentors who will meet monthly over the course of the year (excluding December) to set goals, craft lesson plans, and reflect on recorded teaching samples provided by the student in order to support growth as each student builds their own strengths as educators throughout the school year.

What are the dates of the course? This distance learning course begins Monday, September 13, with a meeting of all students and faculty to review the course syllabus and answer questions. A final reflection will be due May 2, 2022.

Who is eligible for this course? Anyone who has successfully completed Level 1: SongWorks in Action and Level 2: SongWorks for Musicality. 

Is this the last step in the Certification process? Yes. With successful completion graduates will be designated SongWorks Certified Educators!

What if I am already a SongWorks Certified Educator? Can I still register for the Teaching Practicum? Absolutely! We’d love to support you in your continued professional growth.

Is graduate credit available? Yes. Optional graduate credits (3.0) are available through Seattle Pacific University.

Registration closes Friday, September 10, at 5pm PDT.

Note: Registration for this course is now closed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Betty Phillips
SongWorks Certification Executive Director

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