SongWorks in Practice (SIP)

SongWorks in Practice (SIP)

Jake Harkins presents at a SongWorks in Practice session.

SongWorks in Practice (SIP) virtual professional development sessions offer active, accessible, and engaging experiences in singing, movement, listening, and literacy study using SongWorks Practices, guided by the SongWorks Principles of Teaching and Learning. SIP sessions are hosted and led by SongWorks Certified Educators. 

These evenings were created to facilitate a way for our community to stay connected, share our work, and support and empower one another. SIP presenters and topics vary, and posted schedules are subject to change.

A SIP session is not an all-encompassing course. These sessions offer a taste of SongWorks Principles and Practices at play. More comprehensive training and experiences are offered at the SongWorks Summer Certification Courses, local workshops, and annual international SongWorks Conferences.

Upcoming Sessions

There are currently no scheduled SongWorks in Practice sessions, but stay tuned for future announcements!

In the meantime, we encourage you to join us at our upcoming Virtual Conference on April 8-10. New to SongWorks? We are offering reduced rates for first-time attendees!

Contact Jake Harkins ( with questions or for further information about SongWorks in Practice sessions.

Recorded Events

SongWorks: Introductions and Inspirations (February 1, 2021)

This session included presentations by:

  • Alice Nordquist (Baltimore, MD): Come and Follow Me
  • Jake Harkins (Falls Church, VA): Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (Mussorgsky)
  • Lisa Schoen (Farmington, MN): Best Day of My Life (American Authors)

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