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Classroom Management

Attention Getters by Angelie Timm & Aimee Newman (Tips / December 2012)

Color Coding by Jeannette Potvin (Tips / December 2012)

Listening Check by Tony Williamson (Tips / December 2012)

Managing Song Games:
NAME GAMES: How do you keep students engaged throughout name games?
– by Deb Eikenbary, Kathi Smith, Jeanette Potvin, and Anna Langness (Tips / September 2011)

TAKING TURNS: How do you handle situations with “turns” in song games?
– by Betty Phillips, Esther Campbell, Vickey Suarez, and Heather Hicks (Tips / October 2011)

– by Anna Langness (Tips / December 2012)
– by Mary Springer (Tips / November 2012)

– by Mary Springer & Tony Williamson (November 2011 & December 2011)

Singing Transitions
– by Daisy Cochran (Tips / December 2012)
– by Molly Feigal (Tips / November 2012)

Study Buddies by Anne Mendenhall (December 2012)

Student Responsibility by Mary Springer (Tips / December 2012)

Sweet Girls: Finding “The Look”
– Peggy Bennett & Bronwen Davies Fox (May 2012)
– Peggy Bennett & Ruthanne Fisher (June 2012)
– Peggy Bennett & Meghan Meloy Ness (July 2012)
– Peggy Bennett & Samantha Smith (March/April 2012)


Goals for K Music by Judy Suvak (1992; reprinted June 2013)

Planning for Fourth Grade by Terolle Turnham & Anna Langness (July 2013)

Framing Your Instructional Goals by Terolle Turnham (July 2013)

Presenting Goals by Anna Langness (July 2013)

  • Music study behaviors
  • Music skills
  • Melody study
Holiday Activities / Special Times of the Year

A Winter Activity by Pam Vellutini (December 2010)

A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration by Angelie Timm (January 2012)

Back to School

– by Molly Feigal & Paige Macklin (September 2010)
– by Marilyn Winter, Lisa Schoen, Kate Smith, Leah Steffen, and Danielle Solan (August 2012)
– by Jojo Lai, Angelie Timm, Natalie Neugent, Sandy Murray, and Aimee Newman (September 2012)

Back to School with Antonio by Tony Williamson (August 2011)

It’s a Brand New Year by Mary Lou Heslip (September 2010)


Jingle Bells by Lynn Rohrbough (December 2009)
Jingle Bells by Tony Williamson (November 2012)
The Nutcracker Suite by Peggy Bennett (December 2010)
Secret Holiday Songs by Anna Langness (December 2010)
Hop Old Squirrel Holiday Language Activities by Pam Bridgehouse (December 2008)

Instrumental Applications

A Few Reflections by Marilyn Winter (January 2011)

Teaching Tonguing on Wind Instruments by Marilyn Winter (Tips / December 2012)

Using Instruments Your Classes by Terolle Turnham (October 2013 & November 2013)

Listening Activities

Haydn’s Surprise Symphony by Rebekah Butter Grathwol (January 2007)

Sabre Dance by Peggy Bennett (September 2010)

Music in the Classroom Setting

Down the River: A Vocabulary Lesson by Taylors Falls Fifth Grade Teachers (November 2012)

Flight of the Bumblebee: Collaborating in Writing by Marilyn Winter (May 2010)

Hop Old Squirrel Holiday Language Activity by Pam Bridgehouse (December 2008)

Redefining Why We Do What We Do: Rethinking Early Literacy by Bonnie Davison (January 2011)

What’s in a Song?: A Workshop for Classroom Teachers (January 2013)

Work Play – Shoo Fly by Pam Bridgehouse (February 2009)


A Problem of Economy by Pam Bridgehouse (April 2010)

Education? Why? by Peggy Bennett (January 2010)

Hey, What’s Your Conation? by Peggy Bennett (October 2009)

It’s a Miracle! by Pam Bridgehouse (July 2010)

“My Oh My, O Myelin!” by Peggy Bennett (March 2010)

Reflecting on the “Right Answer Game” by Marilyn Winter (May 2010)

The Value of Play:

  1. Playfulness!: Full of Play In and Out of the Classroom by Peggy Bennett (February 2010)
  2. About Play Parties by Lynn Rohrbough (December 2009)
  3. Come, Let’s Play! “Stuart Brown on Play” by Marilyn Winter (January 2013)
  4. Value of Play by Mary Springer (January 2007)

The Value of Arts in Education by Peggy Bennett (June 2009)

The Value of Singing Every Day with Children by Molly Feigal (October 2010)

Valuing the Volley: What Dogs and Tennis Can Teach Us About Teaching and Living by Peggy Bennett (January 2012)

We’ve Had a Good Time Playing the Game: Now What? by Peggy Bennett (August 2013)

Why Art? by Mary Springer (June 2006 & January 2007)

Will We Ever Really Know How We Influence Those We Teach? by Marilyn Winter (November 2010)

President’s Letter by Terolle Turnham (December 2013)

Professional Growth

Feedback on Presentations by Peggy Bennett (May 2013)

Getting Organized by Terolle Turnham (President’s Letter / August 2013)


Darby Town (The Derby Ram) by Eiko Oyoko (January 2013)

Jingle Bells by Lynn Rohrbough (December 2009)

Jump For Joy! By Anne Mendenhall (January 2011)

Our Old Sow by Marilyn Winter (July 2013)

People Who Live in Glass Houses by Judy Fjell (June 2006)

Sailing Down the River with Three in the Middle by Marilyn Winter (1992; reprinted June 2013)

Secrets in Songs: Activities for Intermediate Ages by Terolle Turnham (August 2013)

  • Rain, Rain
  • Let’s Catch a Rooster
  • Goin’ Down the Railroad
  • Man’s Life’s a Vapor

Three Men Went A-Hunting by Tony Williamson (March/April 2009)

Turkey in the Straw by Kathi Smith (November 2008)

Turkey Song by Pam Bridgehouse (November 2009)

The Wax Museum by Pam Vellutini (Tips / November 2012)


Back to School Conditioning for Voices by Anna Langness & Angelie Timm (August 2011)

Favorite Songs for Young Choirs by Anna Langness (January 2006)

Ideas for Choral Music by Deb Eikenbary (October 2009)

Ideas for Singing in Rounds with Children by Marilyn Winter (October 2011)

Music Map in the Choir Setting by Sandy Murray (December 2012)

Partner Songs (Three Blind Mice / Bluebird) by Leah Sunquist (November 2012)

Part Singing & Part Listening by Anna Langness (October 2013)

Why Sing with Children Every Day? by Molly Feigal (December 2011)

Wildbirds and Kagome by Marilyn Winter (December 2013)

Vapors by Doug Bartholomew (January 2014)

Sound to Symbol Activities

After the Games: Rich and Engaging Musical Study by Anna Langness (September 2013)

  • Rain, Rain
  • Goin’ Down the Railroad
  • Let’s Catch a Rooster
  • Man’s Life’s a Vapor

Antiphonning / Song Dotting by Anna Langness (Tips / December 2012)

I Bought Me a Cat – Mi Re Do Songs by Anne Mendenhall (December 2012)

Bluebird/Three Blind Mice Ideographs by Leah Sunquist (November 2012)

Our Old Sow Rhythm Study by Marilyn Winter (July 2013)

Solfa Sticks by Judy Fjell (June 2006)

Three Blind Mice by Marilyn Winter (September 2013)

Story Telling

Wildbirds and Kagome by Marilyn Winter (December 2013)