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SongWorks Educators Purpose Statement

The purpose of SongWorks is to search for and practice ways of making music and interacting with people that preserve and celebrate the dignity of both. As a guiding principle, this purpose will focus our work on:

  1. Practices that foster interactive, facilitative learning environments.
  2. Strategies that empower the learner within the context of music experience and study.
  3. Networks that encourage collaboration between diverse disciplines, professionals, and interest groups.

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2021 Virtual Conference Information

2021 Virtual Conference

April 8-10, 2021

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SongWorks in Practice (SIP)

February 1, 8pm EST

SongWorks Summer Certification Courses

Certification Courses

June & July 2021

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SongWorks Certification Summer Courses

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From the Archive

The Children Are Coming: An Interview with Leah Sunquist

The Children Are Coming: An Interview with Leah Sunquist

At the beginning of the school year, I’m excited to see my students! I’ve missed them, and I’m excited to rekindle the relationships. I like to touch base with what’s going on, see the growth and find out what’s happened in their lives. I am also excited about all the new things I have to present to them, and the journeys I want to take them on throughout the year.

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A Tribute to Teachers

A Tribute to Teachers

We are teachers. We know the importance of our work. We have made a career commitment to helping young people learn. Yet, we know that we’ll never finish our quest to be the best teacher we can be.

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