SongWorks Certification Courses

SongWorks in Action Students, Summer 2019 in River Falls, WI

Playful Teaching, Vibrant Learning! That motto sounds encouraging and supportive doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Children feel the vibrancy of immersing themselves in learning as they play, read, study, and compose on a foundation of musicality. Evolving since the 1980s, the leaders of the SongWorks Educators Association have crafted the pedagogy of the SongWorks approach to teaching and learning.

Having attended SongWorks summer courses, educators report welcomed transformations for them and their students as all relax into the SongWorks

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SongWorks Certification

The process of SongWorks Certification (SWC) is divided into three successive courses: Level 1: SongWorks in Action, Level 2: SongWorks for Musicality, and finally Level 3: SongWorks Teaching Practicum.  Upon successful completion of all three levels, the designation of SongWorks Certified Educator is awarded.

  • Level 1: SongWorks in Action – Immersion in ways to engage students as they sing, play, and study music
  • Level 2: SongWorks for Musicality – The Pillars of Music Study: Advanced Foundations & Practices
  • Level 3: SongWorks Teaching Practicum – An intensive year-long teaching mentorship with SongWorks Faculty

Questions? Contact Betty Philips, SWC Executive Director ( for more information.

Upcoming Certification Courses

Levels 1 & 2

SongWorks Certification Levels 1 & 2 are week-long, all-day courses that take place each summer. Our sponsored courses, Level 1: SongWorks in Action and Level 2: SongWorks for Musicality, take place simultaneously in July at University of Wisconsin–River Falls, a scenic location with air-conditioned dormitory lodging and catered meals. This is the only location where all of the SongWorks Certification Faculty will be present.

We also offer endorsed courses at other locations. These courses are also be taught by SongWorks Certification Faculty, but are non-residential programs where interactions outside of class time may be more limited.

Both sponsored and endorsed courses lead to SongWorks Certification.

Check back in November for dates and locations!

Level 3

The SWC Level 3 Teaching Practicum is a year-long distance mentorship program with SongWorks Certification Faculty. This capstone course is being offered for the first time during the 2021-2022 academic year and is currently underway!

SongWorks Certification Courses, Summer 2018 in River Falls, WI

SWEA Membership Opportunity

Registrants for either sponsored or endorsed courses are eligible for SWEA Membership at the Student rate of $20! Membership offers many benefits including access to the Sturdy Songs Collection and recordings from our 2021 Virtual Conference.