2023 Annual Membership Meeting Highlights

by Max Mellman

June 2023

Our 2023 Membership Meeting took place on April 18, with important acknowledgments, elections, updates to the bylaws, and more. Here are some Membership Meeting highlights from SWEA Secretary, Max Mellman:

  • There were 33 members in attendance.
  • Lukas Funds,” which help members attend conference equitably, regardless of location, will be renamed “Support Funds.” 
  • There were many first-time attendees at conference.
  • After thirteen years, Anna Langness is stepping down as SWEA Treasurer, and Lisa Schoen will assume her role (the board voted for her appointment at the board meeting in January 2023). Max Mellman: “Personally, I would like to say that Anna has been so much more than a bookkeeper to us, and has spearheaded so many new initiatives to spread and support our work in creative and meaningful ways.”
  • After three years of suspended activity due to Covid, the main branch of English EdVentures has begun to resume functioning, and will have its first in-person event on May 14, featuring a presentation by Anna Langness.
  • Certificates were given to the following members for the service to the board and association:
    • Ruthanne Parker, for her work as Newsletter Chair
    • Mary Roeder, for six years of service to the board as USA Director
    • Anna Langness, for thirteen years of service as Treasurer
    • Aimee Newman, for four years of service to the Presidential Team
  • Elections:
    • Anna Shelow was elected to the position of President-Elect Apprentice
    • Alison Carter was elected to the position of Director for USA
    • Eiko Oyoko was re-elected to the position of Director for Japan
    • Katie Herzberg was elected to the position of Board Director-at-Large
    • Max Mellman was re-appointed to the position of Secretary
  • Bylaws changes were approved by vote of membership, eliminating the position of President-Elect Apprentice, and designating the Secretary as a voting position (so as to maintain an odd number of voting board members). Updated Bylaws can be found in the Members Access section of the website.
  • A new Conference Planning Committee will be created for the more sustainable planning of conferences, and the President-Elect will serve as liaison to the committee.
  • A discussion took place regarding the possibility of hosting conferences every other year. If members would like to contribute feedback, please reach out to the Presidential Team.
  • A Marketing Task Force was also discussed. Interested members should fill out the form.
  • To close the meeting, Nan Fitzpatrick quoted, “When you trust people you work with and you let them have that freedom, that’s when the chemistry happens. That’s when the real art goes down.” —Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam bassist and co-founder)

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